Call Management

Call management is a software-based application that monitors all calls within an organisation and provides management reports to show where costs can be attributed.

Most call management systems have a standard set of management reports that can be generated as well as the ability to use ‘wizards’ to construct bespoke reports directly linked to individual company business processes. Modern call management systems provide greater functionality and can measure a complete set of business parameters, for example, time to answer, most frequently dialed numbers and missed calls. Today, many call management systems to even further by being able to track Internet usage, web sites visited and email. With a significant trend in the communications market towards Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) it is important to consider a call management system that can monitor IP packets.

Why have it?
The resultant management reports generated by call management applications have a wider range of business use. From checking call bills with your network operator, generating a list of top dialed destinations through to monitoring abuse of your telephone system. Call management systems can determine if you have too few lines to answer your customer calls (missed business) as well as the time taken to answer calls – too long and you miss even more business. Want to measure the productivity of one sales team against another or check that you are spending too much time on the phone to low value customers? Then call management is for you.

Other Considerations
It is an offence to download certain images from the Internet. It is also an offence to store racist information. Individuals visiting such sites can put your company at risk as Internet cache systems store a ‘footprint’ of where they have been. Call Management systems can identify the individuals concerned and block access to these sites.